Das Indigene Volk Germaniten

Who we are

Following an intrinsic force, an inexorable desire and feeling, as being fully aware of our responsibility, which we have towards one another and towards our ancestors, resp. felt by all future members of the people, we Germanites connect to our Germanic roots. We feel deeply connected to our ancestors, the traditions handed down and the values embedded in them.
We want to continue these traditions with the power of our indigenous community in the present! Our ethnocultural identity should develop and evolve.

As descendants of our Germanic-Alemannic ancestors through ethnogenesis and through our clear commitment/acceptance to the IVG, we are peaceful and do not harbor any grudges against others, but we demand the rights to which we are entitled (see also legal bases).

There can be no doubt about our indigenousness. The popular opinion, mostly formed by the media world, often derives indigeneity from exotic appearances or from special lifestyles. The derivations are irrelevant to the subject and the law. Instead, the principle of descent is decisive – in terms of folk history and not state history. Our ancestors are the Germans, the very people who divided into different tribes, lived long before the Roman colonial empire, namely in the northern part of Central Europe in the historical period, also in the area now known as „Germany“. We are responsible for our descendants and therefore want to set the course for them so that as Germanites they can look forward to a secure future – full of truth, health and peace.

Precisely because of our loyalty to tradition as a conscious connection with the historical present of bygone days handed down to us, knowledge and practices from the contemporary present flow into our current way of life. We combine tradition and progress to our best.

Histrorical Background – Where do we come from?

We Germanites are descendants of the Germanic-Alemannic ancestry. Our traditional history describes our origins from Germanic peoples or their tribes, e.g. the Alemanni, the Suebi, the Burgundians, the Franks, the Frisians, the Goths, etc.)

Back in March 2010, autochthonous descendants of the Germanic ancestors had come together and founded the ‘Indigenes Volk Germaniten‘ (acronym IVG). Since 2020*, the IVG enjoy such undisputed recognition as to be considered part of customary international law therefore international (humanitarian) law are universally obligatory. (customary international law – definition, explanation and examples, see juraforum.de)

Our people continues to grow as more and more people become aware of their indigenousness. Since the beginning of 2023*, parts of the Frisians from Germany and the Netherlands have also been part of the Germaniten indigenous people.


The ‘Indigenes Volk Germaniten‘ was founded in reference to National, International and Supranational Human Rights law but predominantly through formation and development of an ethnic group, originated by group self-identification, therefore contributing to todays understanding of ethnic membership formations by using an early, constructivist process category that has nearly been forgotten: ethnogenesis.


On behalf of the Federal Republic of Gemany, the Federal Criminal Police Office (acronym BKA = Bundeskriminalamt) declared in a letter to the administrative court, dated Semptember 2016, that the descent of the members of the Indigenous People Germaniten was never doubted or denied by the Federal Republic of Germany. This significant declaration has remained unchanged.


The Federal Administrative Court (BVerwG = Bundesverwaltungsgericht) explains, quote "The Indigenes Volk Germaniten is not a nation, not an ethnic group". This assertion is without substance, therefore wrong. The judicial decision by the Federal Administrative Court had been based on the - at this point in time - not yet ratified ILO Convention 169. But more importantly this judicial decision has procedurally supported by the tactically created fact that the Federal Administrative Court, instead of directing the legal proceedings into the administration, as it would have been substantial, necessary and demanded, constructed a judicial procedure out of it in order to prevent international law being applicable, which is not only a deliberate tortious act but also estoppel (an estoppel is a legal doctrine that prevents a party from relying upon certain legal rights or facts, resp. “stops,” someone from asserting a fact that is contradictory to an already established truth). The necessary legal basis for a judicially successful procedure was missing at the time because the ratification had not yet taken place.


Ten years after the founding of the IVG and with the continuous assertion of its rights and the fact that the number of nationals never fell below a minimum, the IVG was automatically and legally incorporated into customary international law (see legal basis). Since then, universal customary international law, defined as one of the legal sources of international law, has applied to the IVG.


Another milestone is the ratification of the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989, No. 169. (short: ILO Convention 169) on June 23, 2021 by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Certificate of accession


The ILO Convention 169 come into force on June 23rd, 2022. This sets in an additional protective and effective mechanism for the rights of the IVG.

Link to the Federal Gazette

At the same time as the entry into force of ILO Convention 169 was announced, further IVG missions were set up, both territorially and extraterritorially beyond the bounds of the Federal Republic of Germany (e.g. Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, the Netherlands).


Inclusion of numerous Germanic Frisians from Germany and the Netherlands in the IVG. Several missions are created in the Netherlands.

Who or what are we not?

Precisely because one prefers to talk about what one is and less about what one is not, it seems necessary at this point to renounce from misleading to slanderous statements about our people, published in printed or online newspaper articles.

We neither deny the legally valid existence of the Federal Republic of Germany nor do we doubt the historically given legitimacy of the threefold state principle assessed by Georg Jellinek – state people, state territory and state power.
We are neither violent nor willing to resort to violence, but peace-loving and peaceful. We neither want to have back state borders from any past years or decades nor to revive bygone states/empires such as the German Reich.
In the last-mentioned context it should be pointed out in particular that we were sometimes referred to as “citizens of the third empire, as in reference to the Hitler-Reich“. The application of such a designation to us is irrelevant to the subject matter and the law. For two reasons in particular, such a designation makes no sense. Due to our clear commitment to the People Germanites, we are not assigned to any State (or Reich) and do not vouch for any such resp. no such. Furthermore, our people include a large number Frisians. A continued application of the aforesaid designation to us would basically even be obvious slander and is therefore to be formally rejected as a precaution.

The Legal Basis(s)

As an indigenous people, we refer to the international legal norms, declarations and treaties that the United Nations brought into cooperation with other states and nations worldwide.

The Federal Republic of Germany recently ratified the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989, No. 169 (in short: ILO Convention No. 169). This ratification law came into force on June 23rd, 2022 – link to ILO press article. Consequently, the ILO Convention No. 169 was incorporated into the legal system of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Ratified international treaties are binding for the ratifying states, including Germany.

Link zur ILO 169: https://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/@ed_norm/@normes/documents/publication/wcms_100900.pdf

Ratified international treaties are binding for the ratifying states, including Germany.

A public confession is perfectly sufficient to become a member of a people.

The following declarations/laws apply to us/at our premises:

Do you long for the lost traditions, a life full of peace in a free world, a foundation where values and heritages are in sync with the beat of mother nature and our ancestors? Do you sense an inner voice whispering to bring back those values and trace your ancestry/background to its source? If so, you’re welcome to shed light upon where you come from and rediscover your sense of identity.

Fri Halsa

Members of the Indigenen Volkes Germaniten

* Christian era